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When I was opening my restuarant, I basically had 2 options for my Linen needs. Cintas (the big guys) or Domestic Uniform (The smaller, more local guys). Prices were similar so i went with Domestic.

What they don't tell you, is that you are locked in to a 5 year deal. No breaking it, or they will turn you over to collections and then sue you (I heard a rumor the guys who started it were all lawyers). They also promise to never raise prices more than a couple percent annually... but they also say in their "service agreement" that they can sneak increases in addition to that few percent, and if you don't catch them before you pay it... you are now locked into that new rate.

What a joke.

On top of that... as the 5 years approach and you try to get out of it. You have a couple month window several months before the "service agreement" expires to send a specific letter a specific way to a specific person. Fail any of the details, or miss that window and it automatically renews the "agreement" for another 5 years!

How about just provide decent service and competitive pricing and you will do good business! Clowns!

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Please contact me at (248)737-2000 ext 152. Our lines are always open.



We are sorry that you have had an unpleasant experience and would like to address your concerns. If you would provide us with your route and account number we would be happy to contact you to see if this matter can be accommodated.

We do not do business in Atlanta and were quite surprised by your posting

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